A Review of the HP PSC 1315 All-in-One Machine

Published: 02nd August 2011
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The HP PSC 1315 is an all-in-one machine, which means that it integrates scanning, photocopying and printing capabilities into one machine. It is an ink jet printer that costs a hundred and thirty dollars on average. It has prints well for its price but lacks a fax component.

Its specifications are above average, outclassing the alternatives at this price range. Its maximum scanning resolution is six hundred by two thousand four hundred dpi at a bit-depth of 36-bit. It takes thirty to forty seconds to scan a document. It can print resolutions up to four-thousand-eight-hundred by one thousand-two-hundred dpi, color. It can handle legal-size paper, no larger.

Aesthetically it is a small and compact machine, especially when it is closed down. The tray can only handle around a hundred sheets of paper, depending on thickness. The HP PSC 1315 is compatible with the Hewlett-Packard Director program, which can clean up prints and make sure that nothing is cut out during printing.

It provides a little more than what the average consumer would be used to for an all-in-one machine in the hundred - dollar price range. It prints well and at a good clip. It uses a USB cable to connect to a computer and comes with black and tricolor print cartridges.

Its print quality is above average, which is surprising for its price. Most fonts at size four remain easily readable, with the rest becoming readable at size twelve. There is visible banding and dithering when it came to printing images, but it is barely noticeable. It actually looks stunning, with minimal aliasing on test prints. Fiddling with the settings can produce better results, but the default settings will work for most users. Scanning quality is above average and it will serve many offices well.

Home offices might find the HP PSC 1315 an excellent purchase for daily printing needs. Larger offices may elect to utilize a different printer, as this machine may be too slow to keep up with office print needs. It also has slightly smaller print cartridges than the average, which means that it will require replacement every two hundred or so pages. The machine will be used best in a home setting, utilized by students and families that want to print out some family memories. All in all, the HP PSC 1315 improves upon the previous model by being cheaper. It also boasts improved printing and scanning capabilities. It can even serve as a photo-printing machine without too much trouble.

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