Tired Feet Need The Nike Shox Clearance

Published: 09th August 2011
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Since the time when the Nike Shox brand was first introduced by Nike in 2001, a number of sports enthusiasts have taken much interest in the product, not just because of the comfort it provides but because of the prestige it gives to the owner while using it.

For running, the sports gear and apparel giant offers the Nike Shox Clearance, one of the premium product lines of the Shox, and has continued to lord over online shoe listings especially after running has lately become such a popular form of exercise and sport all over the world.

In fact, its premium and classic lines are widely considered to be one of the world's top selling, as it continues to peak in Nike Shox clearance sale listings. Topnotch sportsmen were bought into its brand promise, a proposition that Nike never fails to deliver. The Shox, as designed, absorbs impact to the heel, making it perfect to the needs of runners and marathoners, professional or amateurs alike.

This shoe feature is made up of rubber hollow columns placed the sole area of the shoes and provides an added cushion to the feet. The term "shox" was said to be coined by the firm as a modern take on the word "shock," as the shoe is designed to absorb any of it from doing fast paced activities. Intrinsic in its design is the mesh fabric that allows the soles of your feet to breath and preventing moisture from building up.

Before these kinds of shoes were devised, impact to the heels during fast paced games is absorbed straight to the legs, using up more energy from the body's lower limbs. With the Nike Shox, the impact is cushioned and allowed for athletes to protect their feet and legs. For a marathoner, this means the legs tiring too easily and limiting long distance sprinting. Nike Shox Clearance shoes sales are popular in the Internet as a lot of online re-sellers choose to sell Nike Shox products because these are fast moving and continue to be in-demand.

Some sites are even dedicated Nike Shox clearance sales since the specific brand carries with it a wide array of models, series and some are even limited designs. Prices vary but starts somewhere at the $40 - $50 range, excluding shipping.

Meanwhile, as extreme sports continue to revolutionize the landscape of world sports, Nike Shox have been re-engineered to suit the demanding needs of an extreme and outdoor sport athlete as well. It is also popular to people who are known to be flat-footed as the way it is designed, these type of shoes offer better stability to the user.

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